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Resources to Support Formative Assessment of Listening Comprehension

Assessing Listening Comprehension


How do we assess student listening skills? (Middleweb)  

Hear from Listenwise founder and CEO Monica Brady-Myerov about the difficulties of assessing listening and how we came to develop our listening comprehension quizzes.


Measures of Effective Listening

Listening is critical for academic success. Read more about the research behind listening.


8 Key Listening Comprehension Skills

Learn more about the 8 listening comprehension skills our assessments align to.


Our Listenwise Assessment Aligns with Components of CCSS and SBAC Claim #3 Evidence

See how the 8 listening comprehension skills align with CCSS and SBAC.


Comparing CAASPP and ELPAC Listening Assessments

California teachers! We've outlined the CAASPP and ELPAC tests and how they compare and contrast.


Data Shows Practicing Listening Works!

Dive into the data of 2 schools to see how quiz scores improved over time.

Using Listenwise Quizzes


Quiz Reporting for Teachers

Ready to dive into your students' quiz results? We outline the quiz reports available to you on your teacher dashboard.


Increasing Performance on Listening Assessments

Our assessments are a great state test prep tool. Learn more about how Listenwise can help improve listening skills and state test scores.


How Listenwise Improved my Students' CAASPP Scores

This 30-minute webinar features a teacher discussing his best practices using Listenwise to practice and assess listening comprehension in the classroom.


How to Use Listenwise Quizzes 

This 30-minute webinar will walk you through how to assign quizzes and assess quiz data, as well as feature best practices from teachers.

VIDEO: Charmetra Chatmon, an 8th grade teacher from California, uses Listenwise both as an independent and whole class activity. She uses it for listening practice for the SBAC, as well as annotation practice for the Common Core.