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Ideas for Using Listenwise of Special Interest to...

Explore different ways to implement Listenwise Premium with our Instructional Strategies for Teaching with Listenwise Choice Boards.

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ELA Subject Area

ELA Teachers

From how to teach vocabulary and analyze a story, discover how to use Listenwise stories to meet your ELA instructional goals:

ELL ESL ELD Subject Area

ELL/ELD Teachers

Listening plays a critical role in the success of English Learners. Explore the different ways Listenwise can provide powerful tools to support your ELs:

VIDEO: Hear how Advocate Carolyn Brown teaches her favorite Listenwise story, Ghost Army of World War II

VIDEO: CA educator, Megan DuVarney Forbes, "Too Cool for Middle School," shares how the Listenwise podcasts support her English Learners.

Social Studies Subject Area

Social Studies Teachers

Go deep with a 30-minute webinar or check out blog posts to learn the various ways to use Listenwise to support your Social Studies curriculum:


Elementary Teachers

Listenwise now has podcasts for grades 2 through 5! Find out how to use Listenwise resources to bring listening into your elementary classroom.

VIDEO: Find out why Advocate Laura Krenicki customizes Listenwise assignments to include inferencing questions.


Science Subject Area

Science Teachers

Find out how Science teachers are incorporating Listenwise into the classroom.

AUDIO: Hear what Advocate Sebastian Byers' students think about doing listening activities with Listenwise: