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Resources for Teaching Media Literacy and Fake News

Teaching Your Students About Fake News

With this Fake News primer, you can explore some ideas for instruction about fake news and what it is.


Navigating Fake News in the Classroom

This 30-minute webinar will share approaches to teaching media literacy and provide strategies and resources you can use to discuss fake news with students.


How to Spot Fake News and Teach Students to be Educated News Consumers

Explore educational tactics to make your students better at recognizing fake news and to make them more careful about what they believe.

How to Use Listenwise to Develop Content Knowledge and 21st Century Skills

Push your students and make them better in as many ways as you can. This post talks about the ways one can use Listenwise to work a variety of skills.


Media Literacy Scavenger Hunt

Do you like riddles, puzzles, or detective stories? Get out your figurative magnifying glass and try our Listenwise Media Literacy Scavenger Hunt. This game invites you to apply your media literacy skills to identify facts and fakes.