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Resources to Engage Parents and Families with Listenwise Podcasts

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Listenwise News Bites

Are you looking for learning activities requiring minimal supervision? Listenwise News Bites is a current events podcast for young listeners featuring fun, interesting, relevant news stories that keep kids engaged, informed, and entertained.

Listen on wifi, or download from Apple podcasts or Spotify for an easy, offline way to engage young learners with fun news, weird news, and some serious news

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5 Ways to Engage Parents and Families with Listenwise

Listenwise is accessible from any device with Internet, so it can be used outside of the classroom, too! Check out a few ways to promote listening with students at families at home.

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Parent Letter

We’ve created a sample email you can send to your students’ parents or adults at home about listening together with Listenwise.

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Parent Enrichment Guide

During school closures, parents can use Listenwise Premium at home. This guide shows you how to set up an account and provides a few ways to listen at home. En español Guia de Enriquecimiento.

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Educational Podcasts for Kids

Most of the stories of Listenwise aren't a fit for students below 5th grade, so we put together a list of educational podcasts. From Preschool to Elementary and Middle and High School, there's something for everyone.