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Step 1: Sign up and upgrade to Listenwise PREMIUM


New to Listenwise? Follow these steps to create a free account and upgrade to PREMIUM:

  1. Visit listenwise.com and click the orange Join Free button.
  2. Select I am a Teacher and create your account using one of two options:
    • Click Sign up with Google.
    • Fill in your information.
  3. To join your school’s subscription, enter your school’s PREMIUM code at the bottom of the form and then click Sign Up.


Already have a free account? Sign into your account and complete the below steps to upgrade to PREMIUM:

  1. Click Have a PREMIUM code? in the upper-right hand corner of your dashboard and enter the code from your school.


Step 2: Create classes and enroll students


From the Classes tab, you have two options to create classes. Selecting “Elementary Classroom” restricts the content students can find on their own to items appropriate for elementary students.


For more, check out the Listenwise Teacher Guide for Google Classroom and the Google Classroom FAQs.

Step 3: Find a story to use


Browse our lessons and current events to find a story.

Step 4: Assign to students

You have three options to share stories with students: Create a customized written assignment, assign a multiple-choice auto-graded comprehension quiz, or share the audio via a Listening Link.


Share Audio

  1. If you want students to listen to a specific story and not complete an electronic assignment, you can share the audio via a Listening Link.
  2. Click Share Audio at the top right-hand corner of the lesson.

Assign Quiz

  1. Click Assign Quiz at the top right-hand corner of the podcast.
    Select which class(es) should get the quiz, customize supports, choose a due date, with the option to schedule the quiz.
  2. Lastly, click Assign.


Create Assignment

  1. Click Create Assignment at the top right-hand corner of the podcast.
    Follow the 3-5 step process to create your assignment.












  1. Once you’ve built your assignment, choose which class(es) will get the assignment.
    1. Select a due date for the assignment, with the option to add a “time due.”
    2. Select the “Date Available,” with an optional time available. If you don’t want to schedule it, leave the box as is, “Available Immediately.”
    3. Click Assign.

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