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Step 1: Sign up and upgrade to Listenwise PREMIUM


New to Listenwise? Follow these steps to create a free account and upgrade to PREMIUM:

  1. Visit listenwise.com and click the orange Join Free button.
  2. Select I am a Teacher and create your account using one of two options:
    • Click Sign up with Google.
    • Fill in your information.
  3. To join your school’s subscription, enter your school’s PREMIUM code at the bottom of the form and then click Sign Up.


Already have a free account? Sign into your account and complete the below steps to upgrade to PREMIUM:

  1. Click Have a PREMIUM code? in the upper-right hand corner of your dashboard and enter the code from your school.


If you have any issues signing up, email support@listenwise.com for assistance.

Step 2: Create classes


From the Classes page, go to the Manage Classes tab. You have two options to create classes - see below for the appropriate steps for your class:


Add New Class: Enter a name for your class (your students will see this) and then click Create Class. Each class you create generates a unique class code (ex: happy-cow-1234) which you will share with students to enroll in the class. 

Import Google Classroom: Import rosters from Google Classroom, and we’ll create the classes and import your student rosters all at once. No class codes needed this way!

When setting up your classes, you’ll see two options to enable:

  • If you check “Elementary classroom” it restricts what content students can find on their own to items appropriate for elementary students.
  • If you check “Student-selected quizzes,” it allows students to select stories and take quizzes without a teacher-created assignment. 

From the Manage Classes tab, you can see your class rosters and make updates. Click on the 3 dots to Delete Class or see your Class Settings. From here, you can rename the class, change the elementary classroom setting and enable/disable student-selected quizzing. 


Step 3: Enroll students


Students need to sign up or login at https://listenwise.com/students


If you created a class, students click "Sign Up" and enter their class code (listed below). If they already have a Listenwise account from a prior class, they can join your class from their dashboard using the class code. Share this Quick Start Guide for Class Code with students to help them get started.

If you imported your rosters from Google Classroom, students just click "Login With Google".  Share this Quick Start Guide for Google Classroom with students to help them get started.

Step 4: Find a podcast to use


With over 2,000 podcasts to choose from for grades 2-12, there are a number of ways to find the best podcast to use with your students!


Browse our Collections

  • Daily Current Event podcasts covering both local and global news. Every Monday is “Weird News”, and Friday is “Debate Friday.” Wednesday podcasts have a quiz!
  • Standards-aligned lessons in ELA, Social Studies and Science with robust resources like a Teacher’s Guide,  Vocabulary, and Organizers 
  • Curated Collections of podcasts based on popular themes taught in the classroom

Search and Filter by Topic

Use the Search page if you’re looking for a particular topic. You can filter by subject area and grade level. Keep in mind the following filters:

  • Lexile Audio Measure: This is an indicator of the complexity of an audio passage. Use the low, medium or high categories to find the right podcast, or click the ❔ by the filter for recommended ranges by grade level.
  • with Quiz: If you want to assign a multiple-choice, auto-graded listening quiz, make sure to check this box. It’s the most popular filter option with our teachers!
  • with ELL Supports: We include additional scaffolding and language instructions on these lessons.

Once you find a podcast, this is what you’ll see on the lesson page. Each lesson has resources and supports which you can use for whole class instruction or include in digital assignments in Listenwise.

Step 5: Assign to students

You have three options to share stories with students: Create a customized written assignment, assign a multiple-choice auto-graded comprehension quiz, or share the audio via a Listening Link.


Share Audio

  1. If you want students to listen to a specific story and not complete an electronic assignment, you can share the audio via a Listening Link.
  2. Click Share Audio at the top right-hand corner of the lesson.

Assign Quiz

  1. Click Assign Quiz at the top right-hand corner of the podcast.
    Select which class(es) should get the quiz, customize supports, choose a due date, with the option to schedule the quiz.
  2. Lastly, click Assign.


Create Assignment

  1. Click Create Assignment at the top right-hand corner of the podcast.
    Follow the 3-5 step process to create your assignment.












  1. Once you’ve built your assignment, choose which class(es) will get the assignment.
    1. Select a due date for the assignment, with the option to add a “time due.”
    2. Select the “Date Available,” with an optional time available. If you don’t want to schedule it, leave the box as is, “Available Immediately.”
    3. Click Assign.

Step 6: Review student work


Written Assignments

  1. From the Assignments tab on the Classes page, find the class you want to review and click See Responses for the desired assignment.
  2. Click on a student’s name to see their submitted work. Review their assignment, leave your feedback in the box and click Submit.


Quiz Data

  1. From the Assignments tab on the Classes page, find the class you want to review and click See Quiz Results for the desired assignment.
  2. For a more student-centric view of quiz reporting, go to the Student Progress tab on the Classes page. You can quickly see what each student in a class has most recently done.
  3. From here, click on a student’s name to review detailed student reporting or click See Class Summary Report to see an aggregative view of the class’ performance across the 8 listening skills.


Google Classroom Resources


We have numerous tools and resources to help you get up and running with Google Classroom and Listenwise. Check out this page for more!

Instructional Strategies for Teaching with Listenwise

Check out our toolkit for additional strategies and see examples from other teachers who are using Listenwise in a variety of ways.

Instructional Strategies Guide

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