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Step 1: Sign up and upgrade to Listenwise PREMIUM

New to Listenwise? Follow these steps to create a free account and upgrade to PREMIUM:

  1. Visit listenwise.com and click the orange Join Free button.
  2. Select I am a Teacher and create your account using one of two options:
    • Click Sign up with Google.
    • Fill in your information.
  3. To join your school’s subscription, enter your school’s PREMIUM code at the bottom of the form and then click Sign Up.


Already have a free account? Sign into your account and complete the below steps to upgrade to PREMIUM:

  1. Click Have a PREMIUM code? in the upper-right hand corner of your dashboard and enter the code from your school.



Step 2: Create classes and enroll students

From the Classes tab, you have two options to create classes:



For more, check out our "How to Import Google Classroom Rosters" guide.


Step 3: Find a story to use

Browse our lessons and current events to find a story.



Step 4: Assign to students

You have three options to share stories with students: Create a customized written assignment, assign a multiple-choice auto-graded comprehension quiz, or share the audio via a Listening Link.


Share Audio

  1. If you want students to listen to a specific story and not complete an electronic assignment, you can share the audio via a Listening Link.
  2. Click Share Audio at the top right-hand corner of the lesson.

Assign Quiz

  1. Click Assign Quiz at the top right-hand corner of the lesson.
  2. Select a class to take the quiz, choose a due date, and assign listening supports to students OR assign to the whole class.
  3. Lastly, click Assign.

Create Assignment

  1. Click Create Assignment at the top right-hand corner of the lesson.
  2. Follow the 5-step process to create your assignment.

  1. Once you’ve finished building your assignment, send it to your students.
    1. Select a due date for the assignment.
    2. Choose to assign to selected students, or to the entire class.
    3. Click Assign to Class.