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As we change our free product, there are two options to bring Listenwise Premium to your classroom for the remainder of the school year.


These exclusive offers are available only for teachers with free Listenwise accounts. Both offers are available through 3/31/20. 



Schedule a Meeting with Your Principal


Set up a meeting with you, your Principal, and Listenwise to discuss how we can support all students at your school, and we will provide you with a free one-year subscription of Listenwise Premium. This offer ends on 3/31/20.


To get started, simply schedule your 15 minute Principal meeting with Listenwise. We'll guide you through all next steps.


Schedule your call

Offer only available for US schools.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Ashley Cleary (ashley@listenwise.com).






Purchase Listenwise Premium for $69


This special pro-rated Premium subscription offer includes:

  • Premium access for one teacher
  • Discounted All-Subjects subscription price (Regularly $399/year)
  • Access to Premium through 6/30/20
  • Online credit or debit card purchases only. No Purchase Orders or refunds allowed

To get started, enter your email and school name below and then click "Buy Now."

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If you want to purchase a subscription for next school year, see here for more information.

Please email us at support@listenwise.com with any questions.