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Springing Ahead to Summer & Back-to-School Success


Register for our upcoming webinar series! These 45 minute conversations will explore the importance of teaching listening in K-12 education and how listening is tied to building literacy, especially academic language. They will bring in research, theory, and practice.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 @ 6 pm EST - Register - Teaching with Podcasts Supports Engagement & Equitable Learning

Thursday, May 13, 2021 @ 6 pm EST - Register - Bringing SEL & Diverse Perspectives into Your Curriculum with Podcasts

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 @ 6 pm EST - Register - How to Teach and Assess Listening (2021 Update)

Thursday, May 27, 2021 @ 6 pm EST - Register - How To Use Listenwise for English Learners (2021 update)



Teacher Talks: What’s Working with ELs in Remote Learning

Watch our webinar series featuring live conversations between Listenwise CEO Monica Brady-Myerov and innovative educators across the country about what’s working in remote and hybrid instruction with English learners.

These 30-minute conversations have a heavy focus on instruction - walking through synchronous and asynchronous lesson ideas focused on vocabulary, listening and speaking instruction.

Watch the Recording - Beth Bogage, ESL Instructor, San Diego Continuing Education. Beth teachers Intermediate + Advanced ELs in a non-credit, continuing education program for adults.

Watch the Recording - Tara House, English Learner Programs Coordinator and Abby Osborn, ELD Educator, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, CA.

Watch the Recording - Erin Reaves, ELD Instructional Coach, Taylor Elementary, Santa Maria Bonita, CA 

Watch the Recording- Julie Waugh, 8th grade Social Studies, English + ELD teacher, Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, Denver Public Schools, CO. 


Watch Our 2020 Back-To-School Webinars

Watch one of our 30-minute webinars below to find actionable lesson strategies for using Listenwise podcast lessons in remote, in-class, or hybrid teaching.


Equitable Remote Learning Strategies for ELs Using Listenwise

Watch the recording.

Co-presented with Angelique Duvet-Tovar, Sanger Unified School District. This session will focus on flexible strategies to best support your English learners using lessons centered around listening to podcasts. In a remote setting, ELs have less opportunity to hear authentic English and might have trouble connecting to content. These lessons are built around real world stories that engage listeners. learn standards related content through listening. You will also learn about new features on Listenwise Premium and hear about a new SEL collection.


Equitable Learning with Your English Learners Using Newsela & Listenwise

Watch the recording.

This session is presented by Listenwise CEO, Monica Brady-Myerov & Nicole Offerdahl, Curricular Solutions Architect, Newsela With a lot of school districts planning on remote learning this fall, it's important that English learners continue to receive designated and integrated English Language Development (ELD) as part of their educational curriculum. But they also need to be engaged with activities that are short, simple and fun. This webinar will focus on easy strategies to use to best support your English learners combining reading and listening using Newsela and Listenwise.



Equitable Remote Learning Best Practices with Listenwise

Watch the recording.

Co-presented with high school educator, Scott Petri. This webinar will help you by showing you how using podcasts with lessons on Listenwise provide scaffolding, accountability and engagement for all students. Using authentic audio with standards aligned lessons helps you meet your content needs and is fun for students. If you are already familiar with Listenwise, we will showcase the new product updates that will further support remote instruction. And we have a new collection of stories around SEL topics.


Explore Podcast for Elementary Students in Remote Learning

Watch the recording.

Co-presented with Tumble A Science Podcast for Kids. Join us to learn about Listenwise's NEW elementary podcast lessons. We now have a collection of more than 100 podcasts with lessons and quizzes for grades 2-5! This webinar will show you how using podcast lessons on Listenwise provide scaffolding, accountability and engagement for all students.



New Listenwise Features for Remote Learning this Fall

Watch the recording.

Join us to learn about all the new product updates we’ve worked on this summer to make Listenwise Premium even easier to use! Updated features include empowering student directed learning and updated assignment functionality to make it easier for teachers to assign quizzes & lessons in the future. We’ve also improved insights into how their students are interacting with the site.



You can view all our past webinar recordings below!

View Webinar Recordings

Recurring webinar series:


Introduction to Listenwise Premium: Product Training

Want to learn more about Listenwise Premium? We’re here to help! Our free product trainings will show you how to get started if you're a new teacher or give you a refresher of our tools if you've used Listenwise Premium before.

In this 30 minute “how-to” webinar, you’ll discover how to create accounts, set up classes, enroll students, create assignments, and assess student work. You’ll also learn more about our 2,000+ stories, along with all of the resources you can leverage when creating assignments. By the end of this webinar, you’ll know how to incorporate Listenwise into your classroom and be equipped with the tools needed to help students improve their listening comprehension.

Upcoming Live Webinar Schedule

Register for a session on our Eventbrite page!


Tuesday, February 9th at 3pm EST

Thursday, March 11th at 5pm EST

Wednesday, April 14th at 4pm EST

Tuesday, May 11th at 4pm EST


Check out a recording of the webinar here if you want to dive in now!

2020 Remote Learning Webinars


Watch one of our 30-minute webinars below to find actionable lesson strategies for using Listenwise podcast lessons in remote teaching.


Meeting the Needs of ELs in Remote Learning Using Listenwise

The founder of Listenwise and a high school history and ELD educator, Paul Hernandez, share best practices to support English language learners (ELs) when learning remotely.




Middle/High School Office Hours - Using Listenwise for Remote Learning

The founder of Listenwise and a high school teacher, Scott Petri, share easy, actionable strategies you can use with your middle or high school students right away.




Elementary Office Hours - Using Listenwise for Remote Learning

The founder of Listenwise and a 5th grade teacher, Jim Bentley, share easy, actionable strategies you can use with your students right away.




Support Distance Learning with Podcasting (Co-presented with Soundtrap)

Learn how to create podcast projects with your students in a webinar co-presented by Listenwise and Soundtrap.






Leveraging the Power of the New Lexile Framework for Listening
Learn how to do podcasting with your students virtually.

Fall 2019 Webinar Recordings


Recorded on for Nov 18, 2019

Sparking Student Inquiry with Podcasts

Spark curiosity, illuminate questions, and engage students in inquiry with podcasts. Instructional use of audio stories can help students develop critical thinking skills and foster student agency. This webinar will explain how teachers can use audio stories from NPR to engage students and inspire them to drive their own inquiry learning journey.nCo-presenter Laura Krenicki is a 6th grade geography and world cultures teacher at William J. Johnston Middle School in Colchester, Connecticut.

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Lexile Webinar

Recorded on November 7, 2019
Sneak Peek: Listening Comprehension Lexile® Measures in 2020

While it is commonly accepted that we should teach reading and writing at every grade level, teaching listening is largely ignored. Research has shown that good listeners are better learners and now with new advances in research, this webinar will go deeper into the connections between listening and literacy. Webinar attendees will get a sneak peek of the new listening comprehension Lexile measure coming in 2020 and the research behind the listening Lexile scale: how a student’s listening measure is determined along with how audio content is measured (using a new analyzer technology).

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Civic Engagement Webinar.001

Recorded on October 29, 2019
Active Listening & Civic Engagement: Teaching Current Events in an Election Year

The abundance of inflammatory language in the public sphere, fake news accusations, and attacks on journalists can present challenges when trying to teach current events. Listening promotes empathy, so listening to news stories can spark instructionally valuable discussion, debate, and civic engagement. In this webinar learn strategies and lesson resource ideas to promote respectful, fact-based civil discourse.

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Webinar Recordings on Hot Topics


Creating Podcasts in Class

Create a makerspace in your classroom and teach your students to be podcast writers, recorders, and producers. Whether you are a beginner or have already taught podcasting in your classroom, this presentation will have something for you. This webinar will be presented by Michael Godsey, a current classroom teacher from California, talking about his best practices creating podcasts with students. Connect with him on twitter @TheMrGodsey.

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Webinar: How to Spot Fake News and Train Students to be Educated News Consumers

Navigating Fake News in the Classroom

The way we interpret and synthesize news plays an important role in the way we view the world. We'll share some approaches to teaching media literacy, and provide resources and strategies teachers can use to discuss fake news with students and the challenges that can also arise.

Recorded April 13, 2017

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Webinar: How to Teach and Assess Listening

How to Teach and Assess Listening

Are your students good listeners? There is no doubt listening skills have a major impact on students' career and college readiness. Yet, there are few tools that help students become better listeners. This presentation will give teachers an understanding of the neuroscience behind auditory learning and the tools for assessing and tracking listening skills in the classroom. Participants will learn how they can use podcasts to engage students and assess listening progress in order to provide targeted individualized instruction.

Recorded April 26, 2017

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Listening & Literacy and Practical Applications of Listenwise

Recorded on April 25, 2018
Listenwise Teacher Best Practices - Panel

Hear helpful applications of Listenwise in your class. How do some of our Teacher Advocates use Listenwise and set up lessons? What works well? What do their students love? Hear from Mike Messner, Katie Booth, and Scott Petri - and bring your questions!

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Recorded on April 30, 2018
Tim Shanahan - Reading, Listening and Literacy

Listen to one of the world's premier literacy educators. Tim will share his research and discuss the connection between reading, listening and literacy.

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Recorded May 2, 2018
Creating Classroom Debates

Hear from our 2017 great debate contest winner! Listen to Bob talk how you can set up a debate in your classroom and get students practicing finding evidence to support their claims and defend their reasoning. Hear tips on how to facilitate engaging and thought-provoking debates inspired by Listenwise stories.

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Webinar Series with Facing History and Ourselves

We were excited to collaborate with our friends at Facing History and Ourselves for a Fall 2018 webinar series. This series highlights important topics and tie in Listenwise and Facing History and Ourselves resources.

Watch: How to Talk About Bullying in Your Classroom (RECORDING)

Watch: Using Current Events with a SEL Lens (RECORDING)

Watch: Teaching the Holocaust with Listenwise & Facing History resources (RECORDING)

Teaching Classroom Lessons Using Listenwise

Recorded On October 19, 2017

Infusing Technology into Social Studies Classrooms

Presented by, Ben Sondgeroth, Instructor, Edtech Teacher. This 30-minute webinar will highlight educational resources to support your social studies classrooms. Presented by Ben Sondgeroth from Edtech Teacher. Ben is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and former teacher who has a passion for bringing creative technology integration into the social studies classroom.

Presented by Ben Sondgeroth from Edtech Teacher

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Recorded on October 26, 2017
How Listenwise Improved My Students' CAASPP Scores

Clovis North High School students’ CAASPP listening scores increased by 26 percentage points over three years--15 percentage points higher than the district average. They used Listenwise Premium to practice and assess listening comprehension in the classroom.This webinar will be presented by Benton Lewis, a social studies teacher from Clovis North High School, talking about his best practices using Listenwise with students. Read the updated Case Study.

Presented by Benton Lewis, 11th and 9th Grade English, Fresno, CA

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Recorded on November 28, 2017
Envisioning Lessons with Multimedia Text Sets

Learn how building multi-media text sets with Listenwise and other resources can both deepen and broaden student learning. See how these text sets can combine with the National Geographic Geo-Inquiry Process to empower students to understand the world around them and how to make it a better place.

Presented by Jim Bentley, 5th/6th Grade Teacher in Elk Grove Unified School District, CA.  Connect with him on Twitter @Curiosity_Films and watch his National Geographic Capstone Project.

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Webinar Recordings:
Back-to-School With Listenwise

How to Use Listenwise Quizzes

How do you know if your students are good listeners? Studies show that listening is a key 21st century skill that improves students’ reading comprehension and academic success. However, there are few resources for teachers to help students become better listeners. This webinar will detail the importance of listening and give you a walk-through of the Listenwise Premium tools that will help you assess and track listening skills in the classroom. We’ll also feature real-life stories from real teachers to give you ideas on how to use Listenwise Quizzes in your classroom.

**This webinar features our Premium Listenwise features**

Presented by: Erica Petersen, Listenwise Teacher Support and Scott M. Petri, CA Social Studies Teacher

Recorded August 17, 2017

How to Use Listenwise for ELs

It can be difficult to find compelling, authentic audio content to use in the classroom with English Language Learners working on academic language. With Listenwise Premium, we’ve paired NPR and podcast stories aligned to the curriculum with robust listening supports to make academic language acquisition more effective for ELs and struggling readers. In this “how-to” webinar, you’ll learn how to scaffold instruction for ELs with Listenwise tools like the interactive transcript, slower audio feature, language listening organizers, and academic vocabulary practice. We’ll also hear success stories from a teacher using Listenwise with her EL students to give you ideas on how to use Listenwise if your classroom.

**This webinar features our Premium Listenwise features**

Presented by: Erica Petersen, Listenwise Teacher Support and Tamar Jeniski, ELL teacher in Weston, MA

Recorded August 29, 2017

How to Incorporate Storytelling in Your Lessons

One of the constant challenges teachers face is to get and keep their students’ attention. But the answer is simple. Tell a good story.
This webinar will present the untapped value in teaching with podcasts in the classroom. Monica will present the latest research on why auditory learning is so powerful and the benefits of teaching listening skills and how to assess them.

Through the power of listening you can introduce more complex language, vocabulary, and topics to your middle and and high school students, especially for emerging readers and English Language Learners. The compelling real world audio stories are the perfect authentic listening situations to engage students and improve their listening and literacy skills. Research shows that if you are a good listener, you are a good reader.

**This webinar features our Premium Listenwise features**

Presented by: Monica Brady-Myerov, Founder and CEO of Listenwise

Recorded September 7, 2017

Webinar Recordings: ListenUP! Series

Webinar: Bringing History to Life With Public Radio

Bringing History to Life with Public Radio

Explore new ways to teach history within the context of current events. The challenge for any teacher is to figure out ways to make the past relevant to our experiences today. This is not easy. However, public radio provides a lot of opportunities for teachers to bring current events and new research into classes. Listening to stories helps connect students to specific moments in time in an authentic way. We’ll share some approaches to teaching history through current events, and provide resources and strategies teachers can use in their classrooms right away.

Recorded April 11, 2017

Webinar: Building Empathy With Podcasts & Public Radio

Building Empathy with Podcasts & Public Radio

Listening is a pathway to empathy. In collaboration with Facing History and Ourselves this 30 minute webinar will share some approaches to teaching habits and skills that increase empathy. We'll talk about how teachers and students can recognize how we perceive difference and explore actions to increase our empathy toward those that look and act differently from us, that believe in different things, or live in different places. Using public radio stories from Listenwise and teaching resources/lessons from Facing History and Ourselves, teachers will leave with lessons they can use in their classrooms right away.

Recorded May 11, 2017